Meeting New People:)

We as a class had the opportunity to have a guess speaker named Lynzee Glass, the editor of Ozark Farm and Neighbor and she shared some ways how she and her team are getting the younger groups of people involved in agriculture. The Ozark Farm and Neighbor magazine has been around since the late 90′s, releasing their first copy September 1, 1998. This company sends out copies of the magazines to tax payers with cattle in 26 counties around Missouri. With the company growing so much they have a lot of sending to be doing to increase clientele. Not only have they grew by sending out magazines but they have also branches out to Facebook and Twitter! Lynzee talked about some of the advantages and disadvantages to social media that is used so widely now in our world.

Most of the readers are between the ages of 35 and 60. So Facebook and Twitter might not be the best way for them to get the news. So there is still a demand for the print version. The OFN is now trying to reach the younger crowd of people and are doing so through social media but they still feel the need for a print edition for older readers. So next time you’re on Facebook and Twitter look up Ozark Farm and Neighbor!! 🙂

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