What life deals you…..

This weekend I was laying in bed on Saturday night. My phone started ringing. I begin to wake up to the ring and answered the phone. With the words at the other end of the line saying that one of my close friends was in a car accident and had passed away. Ryan Rickmen was involved in the world of rodeo. Him and I both went to the same college to chase our dreams. He was one of the best men that I had ever met. He was so kind, caring, honest and had a heart to fulfill his dreams. No one will ever know why God does the things he does and why he takes the people he chooses. That’s one thing I would really like to know. Ryan loved his girlfriend to pieces. She was cleaning out his car after the accident and found a wedding ring, she only wished he had the chance to ask her. She said ” I already know he knew what my answer was” RIP buddy…..

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